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Language Arts for the New Homeschooling Family

The Good and the Beautiful This is usually the curriculum I recommend when people are first transitioning from public school to homeschool. I haven’t used it myself, but I have looked through it and have received very positive reviews from many moms. Pros Free download (levels K-5 are free) Keeps kids on track with…


You don’t need desks and a hall pass

One of the most important things veteran homeschool moms want new homeschool moms to know is this: You don’t need to replicate public school at home. You don’t need separate desks for each child. You don’t need maps on rollers or a large white board. You don’t even need textbooks. The most important things are…


What we wish we would have known…

How to get through a bunch of subjects quickly and calmly

Are you overwhelmed by the number of subjects you think you ought to be teaching your children each day? Me too. Any time I use the would “ought” or “should” I’m usually going to end up overwhelmed. So how do I get through a bunch of subjects quickly and calmly? Through a strategy that doesn’t…


How to get state money for homeschool materials (Utah)

(updated 8/26/20) There are a number of programs in the state of Utah that partner homeschool families with public schools in order to get public education dollars into the hands of homeschool families. I only have personal experience with My Tech High. We submit a weekly report. Standardized testing is optional. They are currently accepting…