Charlotte Mason teaches geography in a very useful and obvious way. As you read great books about people from different lands and places, you identify those places on the map. You mark the journeys the characters make. You connect the places you are reading about to the places your ancestors are from. You put geography in context while you fall in love with great literature. It’s a very cool process.

Charlotte Mason also wrote a book with brief geography lessons that my kids are enjoying. We tried it at the beginning of first grade, but there wasn’t a lot of interest. So we’ve started again with second grade and it’s going much better. The book teaches about things like the horizon, directions, simple map making, etc. There are a few other books that come highly recommended by the Charlotte Mason crowd. I have used portions of them here and there, and they are really nice resources.

In addition to these books, there are lots of other wonderful resources. Here are some favorites.

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Mounting Wall Maps with Hooks

I had a very difficult time deciding how to display our school maps in our home. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it took years for me to figure it out. After my son’s first grade year was over, I realized that we hadn’t done much map work. Oops. We hadn’t done it because…